May 23, 2022

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Like mother like son-Tale of an aspiring young poet.

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Like mother like son-Tale of an aspiring young poet.

Like mother like son-Tale of an aspiring young poet.

Segoshene Director Mogofe who writes under the moniker BT Yates which is also his alter-ego follows in his mother’s footsteps with the publication of his highly anticipated Anthology called ‘DreamChaser’.

Dream Chaser is a collection of poems which touch on a variety of social issues.Language used is mostly straightforward but diction used often conveys powerful emotions in a balanced blend of hard-hitting poems that condemn and lay bare numerous social ills and mellow poems that express love and acknowledge the supremacy of God.Vivid imagery makes for a gripping narration of untold stories as well as profound food for thought on a number of issues that readers can easily relate to.

BT Yates was born on the 31st of October 2003.He grew up in a small village of Mabins Cross along with his four siblings and their single mother, who later remarried and is now part of the Mametja family.

Growing up without his father, Director was a troubled boy and this often led to him being misunderstood so he often isolated himself and lived in his own dimension.In his own words “I am peculiar in your eyes but normal in my dimension”.

He developed love for poetry in order to express his feelings as he struggled to interact with other people.He loves entertaining people and making people happy even if it means acting like a clown.He has a deep love for the arts and acting so performing infront of an audience comes easy to him.

He is very religious and a member of the apostolic church.Some of his poems convey his Christianity.
The anthology “Dreamchaser” captures his dream of becoming a well-known poet.

He has been referred to by many names as he has diverse relationships with people of different kinds.He has been called Alex by his bestfriend.Saulo and Joshua by his church associates.

He’s an inspiring young lad and his contributions to the community are very commendable.He has done absolutely ostentatious work at funerals,tombstone unveling,church events etc.He is a versatile being with a great singing voice.Marvellous apostolic dancer and drummer.Not to mention a well refined young Evangelist.

He drew inspiration from his mother,surroundings,current affairs,past experiences and compiled them into hard-hitting poems.He has never fit in because he wasn’t your ideal type of a human being.He was different and he embraced his differences and celebrated them.

It seems as though the talent with regards to poetry is rather ubiquitous in his familt but there’s a slight difference between him and his mother and he compiled his anthology in English and not his mother tongue.”I’ve always found it easier to articulate in English rather in Sepedi.”

“I started writing poetry in 2019 on October 31st,my birthday after a girl made a comment after I had expressed a desire to write poetry just like William Shakespeare. She said I’d never be as good as Shakespeare and I’m just kidding myself. That was enough to provide me with the drive to strive to excel in poetry.I’m not as good as Shakespeare and I don’t want to be.I just want to be better than me because even Shakespeare cannot do me better than I do me.”

The book is available for purchase.Text me on Facebook @ Dirëctor Mogofe or WhatsApp me on 0724027293

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