December 9, 2021

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Maeteko mayo funeral service is considered to be one of the oldest and best funeral porlour in the Limpopo province but after a family was disappointed with the service that was given to their mother Maeteko is pronounced the most careless and poorest funeral porlour.r

“We brought our mother on Friday the 12th of November then we came back to check and conclude some documents on Monday but we learned that our mother did not freeze. We enquired about her situation and they told us she’ll soon freeze it was just a matter of load shedding” said the 1st daughter of the mistreated late magogo

The daughter of the late women did her weekly check out with some of her siblings and other elders, on Thursday they were demanded to add a certain amount for the coffin and the family did not have a problem with that.

The negligence of the corpse grew wings and became a serious issue on the day of collection. “During the corpse verification process, the elders I came with did not notice that worms were coming out of my mother’s mouth, nose and ears but I quickly did” says the daughter.

Family is aiming on a lawsuit against the Maeteko for their negligence when it comes to people who pay their own money for best service

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