December 9, 2021

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Tzaneen FCS Rape court case update.

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Rape case postponed to Monday 25 October 2021

Rape case postponed to Monday 25 October 2021

The Tzaneen FCS are investigating a Bolobedu cas: 193/10/2021 and the case was postponed to Monday 2021-10-25.

It is alleged that on that on Wednesday 2021-10-20 in the afternoon at Botludi village Bolobedu south three minor schoolchildren were on their way home from a local primary school when a 53 year old male threw stones at them and they scattered in different directions.

He lured a thirteen (13)year old girl with a down syndrome who is unable with a ten (10) rand note and a packet of cheese naks and raped her in the nearby bushes.
One of the three minors informed the elders at the nearby tuck shop who then went on only to find the 53 year old male in the act.

He was then apprehended by the community and handed over to the police.
The case is investigated by the specialised Tzaneen FCS and it was postponed to Monday 2021-10-25 at Bolobedu magistrate court and the suspect was remanded in custody.

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