September 17, 2021

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Baboon on the broom

Baboon on the broom

When leisure travel was open during lockdown other people found a way to travel with broom, the fastest way to travel through province without paying a cent. Residents of Mokwakwaila village at Modjadji were shocked on Wednesday 24 August 2021 morning when they found a Baboon hanging at Motse family. What amazed the community was the dress up of the baboon. The baboon was on top of the broom and had a knife like a police going to a war.

The family member said they just buried Mr Motse few days back. A family member who said they are mourning the passing of Mr Motse and don’t understand what the baboon is doing in their yard. At the time of the incident the widow was not around, the family member said she was in Gauteng fixing papers for her late husband.

It didn’t end well with the baboon as community killed it on the scene as it was an unusual experience for people to see a baboon on a broom with clothes.

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