September 17, 2021

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Molatelo Maenetja-Bossman (45) ‘The Boss Lady

Molatelo Maenetja-Bossman (45) ‘The Boss Lady


“My Mother pushed me to be a Phd student; I Love it behind and in front of the camera” Graduate Maphefo Malatjie (24) who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Limpopo in honours majoring in Media Studies, from Makweng.

All she wanted as a kid at Block 5 (Mabjepilong Village) Ga¬-Modjadji was to become a professional nurse because she loved the uniform.
The destiny had other plans for her … 1993 she matriculated at Masupha High School, 1994 enrolled at University of the North to pursue her nursing dream but unfortunately due to her poor marks she could not be admitted in the nursing faculty and she could not miss a year of studying, she settled for a Degree in Information Studies which she acquired on record time but was not easy because she had to fix and work hard on her English.

“In 1999 i saw a poster on campus which read ‘Are you interested in broadcasting’ and I had no clue what broadcasting was, i applied and i was accepted and moved to Gauteng to pursue a career in broadcasting” she recalled

Mrs Molatelo Maenetja-Bossman (45) ‘The Boss Lady’, a wife, mother and award winning film practitioner.
After a successful career in the broadcasting and film industry in 2009 she made a bold decision to come back home (Limpopo province) in pursuit to introduce the black youth to the film and broadcasting industry, she established a company in 2010 called Bolobathaba Media Group (Bolobathaba translate as The flower of the Mountain in Khelobedu or Northern Sotho) which runs free short to a year courses and internships for under privileged and privileged kids only because it is not cheap to pursue a career in film and broadcasting industry. Recently Africa Institute of Multimedia (AIM) was born as an extension to Bolobathaba. She co-established and co-runs the AIM company with business partner Karabo Rabjanyane (30), a DJ and founder of Aliphatik Music company.

To date Bolobathaba Media Group have a branch in all five districts of the province (Mopani (Pulaneng village, the main campus), Vhembe (Musina), Capricorn (Makweng), Waterberg (Ha-Thokga, Makgwelereng), Sekhukhune (Jurnfurse).

The Friday the 25th June Bolobathaba hosted the AIM’s 3 months learner ship and internships programme for 2021 at the main campus Pulaneng village with the other campuses joining virtually. At least 98 (with 26 learners and 26 interns for Mopani district) students were recognised for had completed the 3 months courses which range from Music, Photography, Videography, Script Writing and Editing.

“Unfortunately our government don’t support the film industry but we will by hook and crook continue to produce content” The Boss Lady lamented

The Greater Tzaneen Municipality Mayor Maripe Mangena was supposed to be the keynote speaker but on the eleventh hour bailed for the reasons i am unaware of. A talented former journalist currently a film student at University of Cape Town Seabelo Maila (31) was MC for the day, very closed associates to The Boss Lady the two multi talented and film experts Bra Vics Victor Molele (64), FISA CEO with almost 34 years experience as a script writer in broadcasting and Victor Phiri (49) The Limpopo Film Festival Director, he started as a events cameraman in 2004 where his love for film derived were part of the event to honour the graduates.

“I honoured the invitation because i want(-ed) to be part of history. Molatelo is a history maker, she never fails, she push until she achieve … we spoke about this few years ago as an idea look at it now. I hate fights when am angry i write and create hateful characters of my enemies on a piece of paper … You are creators not consumers.” Bra Vic Molele’s motivation

“Am into marketing and distribution of films. Am tired of receiving other provinces films is about time Limpopo have its own films; for this year’s Limpopo film festivals four films were submitted by Bolobothaba 3 were short listed … we need more home made stories and content. There are million reasons to quit but there is one reason to focus on and keep going … don’t quit. I see companies here.” Bra Vic Phiri’s Motivation

The Boss Lady was recently awarded the SAFTAS award for Outstanding Provincial Contributor after Mokhadi Modjadji (one of the students and graduate) recommended her and submitted her nomination in April.

Someone told me you don’t want to leave it breaks my heart to see you leave you were my best bunch, please come back if you are not ready to leave, you are welcome to complete the 12 month course the Boss Lady remarked.

“Where will you get the jobs and how ? … is about time in Tzaneen we shut the streets working on a big project shooting … work on something, start small until it make sense to the world don’t just sit and wait” The Boss Lady encouraged

The graduation was made possible by Tswelopele Funerals whom sponsored from Deco, Food and programmes.

“I sold you a dream and you bought it – I thank you.” Closed The Boss Lady

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