July 27, 2021

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Letaba Vw crew changing life

Letaba Vw crew changing life

Not just the VERRRR PHAAAA noise but action also speak for them. The Letaba Vw crew doing great work around Mopani District area. The team don’t have a year but the community is already getting benefits from the crew.

The team was formed on 19 May 2021 where Lesley shiburi,Moris Nhlungwani ,Lelani Mathebula and Malcolm Moyo decided to recruit people having Vw cars for entertainment purpose and for donating to the people who are in poverty.

The crew donated food parcels to three families around Dan village and Nkowankowa to commorade 16 June this year 2021. Now the team returned to a family of six that stayed in a shack in Dan village and they are building a five bedroom house. The team is planning to complete the house in few months and handover before Christmas.

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