January 28, 2022

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Police launch a manhunt for suspects involved in ATM bombings

Police launch a manhunt for suspects involved in ATM bombings

In what was supposed to be a Branch General Meeting in Ward 12, Seleka on Saturday, two groups belonging to the ANC were involved in a fight.

Stones were thrown across before gun shots were released.

We reported that two people(men) were killed and police report clarified that, indicating that the two who were shot are actually injured and not deceased, they were taken to Witpoort Hospital for medial treatment.

According to information received a witness managed to identify the person who fired the shot and alerted police.

The suspect(aged 41) reportedly tried to escape from police and was chased until he was arrested next to a tavern in Kauletsi.

The gun he allegedly used has been found hidden nearby.

He will appear in Palala Magistrate Court soon.

Meanwhile ANC in the Waterberg Region said it condemns the incident.

It said that all BGMs scheduled for this weekend, 19–20 June 2021, have been called off.

Spokesperson Matome Moremi Taueatsoala said the ANC is worried that despite the incident, no remedial action is carried on perpetrators.

“In most instances and were arrests are effected, the culprits are let ‘scot free’.

This has the potential to turn the Lephalale Sub-Region as a hotspot for political violence in the Province.”

He said the Saturday’s violence in Ward 12 resembled a story-line of a Hollywood Movie.

“The ANC in Waterberg implores the Police Provincial Commissioner to intervene and bring the culprits to book.

These acts of thuggery and hooliganism have no space in our communities, let alone within the ANC–which is supposed to be a model of discipline and an example of good democratic ethos.”; said Taueatsoala.

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