September 28, 2021

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Card scammer apprehended by mob justice

Card scammer apprehended by mob justice

A card scammer suspect from Lenyenye was left on the floor after the mob justice in Polokwane at Corner Hans van Rensburg street.

Its alleged that the suspect known as Solly who is well known to Lenyenye community as AMA Card, was caught in an act when he scammed one of the community memember at the ATM and the victim notify the people around and the taxi driver.

The community didn’t not waste time, they took the matter into their hands. Its alleged that the suspect friend also known as Sello couldn’t withand the heat and run off living his friend to face the music alone.

Security team tried to rescue him, unfortunately the suspect couldn’t reach the door as he was attacked while reaching the door and the suspect ended up answering the nature living the smell to his attacker.

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