September 17, 2021

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Stop BULLYING around School

Stop BULLYING around School

Stop bullyinLimpopo MEC for Social Development Mme. Nkakareng Rakgoale has condemned yet another incident of bullying which occurred in Botlokwa.

“Incidents of bullying will not come to an end until parents, civil society and government join hands and teach children and society at large about the dangers and consequences of this social ill. In this recent incident which occurred in Botlokwa, we immediately dispatched a team of social workers to intervene and also see to it that they provide psychosocial support to affected children who have obviously had a traumatic experience after the fight. We really do not want to see a repeat of what transpired at Mbilwi Secondary School” said MEC Rakgoale.

The Children’s Act 38 of 2005 places emphasis on protecting children against abuse and neglect, this law also works to eradicate bullying in schools.

It gives every South African child the right to bring a case of bullying to court. It’s important to note that the Act’s aim is not to punish a bully but to restore the balance thrown off when one child caused harm to another. So, the focus is on restorative justice through specific programmes and processes.

Bullies will be held accountable for their actions, but the aim is to rehabilitate and not punish them.

The MEC also urged people to immediately report incidents of bullying to the school and to the police when fights break out, not to record and distribute such videos of violent behavior as it might have unintended consequences.

The sections states that:”No person shall publish in any manner whatever information which reveals or may reveal the identity of the accused under the age of 18 years or of a witness at criminal proceedings who is under the age of 18 years,”

Meanwhile the Department of Social Development social workers are continuing to provide psychosocial support to the Mavhunga family and to the affected Mbilwi Secondary School learners.

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