September 28, 2021

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Jesus is king looking for sponsorships

Jesus is king looking for sponsorships

I am Mokoena Mathata Age 24 years old from Tzaneen Pharare village

I have started my business in 2020 making t-shirts. The reason for starting a business was the time I saw my family struggling.

My growing up was never easy like any other person, yet people judge without facts. Jesus is king of my life and family.

The story of my life and family is written by a red pen which I could never be able to erase, but only to make it much more better. I’m a strong boy /young man with Ambitions of making things possible besides what people say with what I do.

I have to stay strong as I was strong from an early age I lost my father, I have to trust Jesus as he was thereto protect me and my mom, as our king, I have to honour him as he was there to honour me in school to make it even though life was not easy.

Jesus is king as he made my mom a strong woman she is today. I let people judge as they don’t have all the facts to be judging. My mom, siblings and I used to sleep in one room but now God has provided through my mom. she have build a better house for us.

My mom, a strong and beautiful woman who gave birth to 3 kids and me the owner of Jesus is king brand. She has being doing an amazing things for us ever since the passing of my father in 2005, the year I’ll never be able to forget even though I was young

I need a sponsor for my brand to grow, I would like my business to grow so I can contribute to the community

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