September 17, 2021

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19 year old arrested for murder

19 year old arrested for murder

Yesterday at 12:00, a 19-year-old male arrived at Wentworth SAPS to report that he had committed a murder on 11 March 2021.

He reported that he buried the body of a woman on Engelbrecht Road in Wentworth. The Wentworth police immediately responded and the suspect took the police to the said placed where he pointed where he buried the body. The police officers from the Durban Search and Rescue together with other role players were also alerted and summoned to the scene. A slightly burnt body of a 39-year-old woman was excavated from the shallow grave by the police officers from the search and rescue.

The post-mortem will determine the cause of death. A tin opener was recovered next to the shallow grave. The victim was reported missing at Wentworth SAPS on 21 March 2021. The suspect was placed under arrest for murder. He is due to appear before the Durban Magistrates’ Court tomorrow for murder.

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