September 19, 2021

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Author and vocalist Maabore Mashego

Author and vocalist Maabore Mashego

21 years old vocalist Maabore Maabore Mashego from Santeng village ( Mashvick), is an afro pop and house vocalist who is busy fighting to make her dreams come true and want to put Gasekororo on a map.

She started singing in 2016 when she was 16 years old, inspired by fifi Cooper, and realised that hip hop have poor marketing in the village. She worked on song called Tshelete with MDE that’s how she started singing house music. Her intention is to never give up in life and want to fight the Spirit of poverty she grow up in.

Because of her talent, she has written a drama called Lefa laka with Malepe Walter from Santeng village and Rahlano Botho well known as Lection from Sidawa. The team is having actors and actress and ready to shoot the drama and do marketing. The team is having financial challenges and asking for donations to continue with our future, or any photographer who can assist them.

For more information please contact Maabore on 079 405 4004

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