September 28, 2021

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Man sentenced to ten years for murder

Man sentenced to ten years for murder

The Tzaneen Magistrate  court on 2021-03-11  have  slapped a murder suspect  with a 10 year jail term and his fellow  countryman was sentenced  to a three months jail term for illegal immigration.

Intense  investigation by Tzaneen saps detective Sgt Malatjie led to the sentencing of the  24 year old Mqondisi Norman Mathye to 10 years improsonement for  two(2) murders  and two(2)assault GBH. His father  also a Zimbabwean national Joshua Maleseni  was sentenced to three months improsonement for Illegal immigration.

It is alleged that on 2020-07-12 at about  04:00 two groups of Zimbabwean nationals four (4) against a father and son were fighting at a  Sapekoe drive  farm when Mqondisi Norman Mathye  took  out a knife and stabbed two 32 year old Zimbabwean fellows Enoch Mawere and  Mallen Burawa to death injuring the other two out the group of four.

A case of double murder  and two count of assault GBH was thoughroughly investigated leading to the sentencing of the accused. The sentencing was welcomed by the police management and stated that it would serve as a deterrent to would be offenders.

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