September 28, 2021

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Taps running low at Houdespruit

Taps running low at Houdespruit

The Air Force base and Houdespruit will be left without water supply,this comes after MBB water scheme lawyers advised the company to completely terminate water supply on 3 March, and not just stop the pump .

Last year November 2020 the Department of Public works owed more than R500 000 to the privately owned water scheme company. Because of failure to pay, the company stopped the water pump on the Blyde river line as it cost them money to operate the pumps. Because the Company had to pay electrical bill from eskom when pumps are in operation. Without the pumps running the area used to get water but in small volume from the lower pipes because of gravity.

When sekororo news reported the matter the Department made arrangements and they were left with outstanding amount of R 246 810.41which was supposed to be paid in February 2021, and still no payment.

Lack of water supply in the area will affect Air Force Base and business in Hoedspruit. The Airforce Base receive raw water through the Blyde river water distribution network.

DA did warn the Department of Public Works in October 2019 that Houdespruit area will be without water if the pipeline are not maintained. According to the report its the responsibility of Department of public works to operate and maintain the pipeline system from Blyde river to Air Force Base. The are reports of ruptured pipes that are still not maintained on the Blyde river by the Department.

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