September 17, 2021

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Drowned body of a boy recovered

Drowned body of a boy recovered

The body of a 17-year old boy from Ga-Sekhwama village in Botlokwa was recovered from the river by SAPS divers after he was reported to have drowned on Saturday 20 February 2021. According to the report the boy was swimming with his friends in a river between Ga-Phasha village and Saint Brendan’s Catholic Secondary school when he drowned.


Police are rrequestingare advising community to adhere to water safety hints. Parents should always know the whereabouts of their children and Supervise children when they’re in the water.

Residence should never swim alone, never play breath-holding games and never jump in the water to save a friend. Always wear a life vest when learning to swim and enter the water feet first

Residents should stay away from pool drains, water holes, rivers, dams and never swim when under the influence of alcohol, strong medication or drugs.

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