September 19, 2021

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Rape survivor Maite Nkoana’s daughter Eva Nkoana is pleading with all South African to help her family get justice for her mother. Eva want her video to reach the government office and President Cyril Ramaphosa.


Eva says her mother who is blind and depend on disability grant was raped on the 5th of December 2020. It’s alleged that two boys broke into her mother’s house at Zone 1 extension and raped and tortured her mother so badly her mother. Eva who recorded emotional video that was circulating earlier this month on social media platforms, says the perpetrators took her mother and put her in a bath full of water and left her to drown. She said that all dogs were locked when the incident happened and burglars entered the house without disturbance.

They took my mother’s pension money
and strangled her using cable charger”

She said that she’s heartbroken because the police didn’t do any justice for her mother because they were called at 11 PM after the incident and they came in the morning at 7 and only took statement. Eva said that the perpetrators left a wallet and inside the wallet was Shoprite card points and ten Rands. She added that police did investigations and found the owner of the card and did nothing. She said every time they call police; they’re are told to alert the police about any leads but still nothing has been done to put the perpetrators to book.

Eva said perpetrators came back again early February and found her terrified mother with her daughter. She said she believes that the perpetrators came back to kill her mother as they failed last time and they managed to flee with a laptop, R120 and a pair of Nike sneakers. She added that police were called again and that perpetrators are known to the community but police warned them that if they take matters in their own hands they will be arrested. She said that our mother can’t be scared in her own house and justice is failing her.
“Our mother is scared and can’t even go to receive her grant”.
On the video Eva pleaded with people to help her share her video until it reaches President Cyril Ramaphosa because their hands are tied and they want justice for their mother.

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