September 19, 2021

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Basic education reached 100% target in 9 days

Basic education reached 100% target in 9 days

Department of health will continues with their vaccines roll-out plan by vaccinating all health workers using the Johnson & Johnson vaccine instead of an AstraZeneca jab. Health Minister, Dr Zweli Mkhize, said the Johnson & Johnson vaccine has been proven effective against 501Y.V2.

South Africa Vaccine rollout plan was put on hold following the results that showed that that AstraZeneca vaccine was 20% effective against the COVID-19 infection from the 501Y.V2 . Health Minister Mkhize announced that the country has secured shots from Pfizer for phase one rollout, which will arrive in South Africa earlier than expected.

“Engagements with Sinopharm are continuing with already an offer made by China of some vaccines which have been considered and a non-disclosure agreement has been signed and ratification processes in SAHPRA (South African Health Products Regulatory Authority) is in progress.” said Mkhize

Mkhize said government does not intend to claim back the money, but was planning to utilise the AstraZeneca vaccine based on  expert advice, including from the World Health Organisation COVAX and United Kingdom’s Health Secretary. He said other countries are lining up as they want to get hold of the AstraZeneca that is already in the country and government is considering selling it to them.

Medical aid people will receive notification to register to receive vaccines while people using government hospital will pay certain amount after the vaccines has been subsidiarize by government.

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