July 5, 2022

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Municipal electrician worker declared dead on scene

Municipal electrician worker declared dead on scene

A municipal electrician worker was declared dead on the scene on Sunday morning 07 February 2021 at the Selati Sub-Station outside Phalaborwa this morning.

The municipality’s electrician was working on a faulty 11000 Volt Switch gear on 7th of February 2021 at around 07:00. He was reportedly working on replacing a stolen cable at the Selati Sub-Station just outside Phalaborwa on the Mica road when the accident occurred.Cable thieves were partly to blame for the death of a 56-year-old Ba-Phalaborwa Municipal electrician.

Emergency services confirmed the incident and CPF Medical’s, Jaco Gericke, “said that after several attempts to resuscitate the man, he was declared dead on the scene”.

“It is really sad to lose someone in this manner, I knew him very well,” stated Gericke Ba-Phalaborwa Municipality confirmed the death of their c


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