September 28, 2021

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Animal at the hospital

Animal at the hospital

Maternity ward is place that should be safe and no hygiene around it because it a place for new born baby and everyone who enters the area should sanitize their hand to control bacteria around the Ward. Traditionally presence of animals in a health care facilities is discouraged on basis of control of infection and health and safety issues.


Few months back the was report about goats that went to visit a patient at the hospital. Now the  patient at CN Phathudi alleges that there is a dog that sleep under their beds at night in maternity ward. Most new parents are scared for their young babies.

“We don’t sleep at night, we are awake to check on our new baby. What if the dog eat them? ” said the new mom


According to Pets as Therapy dogs can provide valuable therapeutic to patients. IC36 policy state that only guide dogs can be allowed in the promises and rules should be followed to get approval.

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