May 28, 2022

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Maruleng municipality appointed a supplier over a weekend

Maruleng municipality appointed a supplier over a weekend

Look like nepotism in the office of Maruleng municipality will never change unless the new ruling party take over the office.

In October 2020 the Director of Hlimbyi Security company sold her shares to avoid dealing with corrupted officials at Maruleng. In the termination letter to the office of MM the Director stated that she will no longer be dealing with Maruleng municipality because the municipality always find a way of talking money from them and always pay employees from their pocket. New person was appointed by the owner to take over the contract. Within a week of Sekororo news publishing the story the contract was terminated with immediate effect.

The municipality sourced a new supplier by advertising the post. Most people who submitted were suprised that the closing date was on the 27 November 2020 but on Monday 30 November 2020 a new company was appointed. The appointment of KMT Security and Event Management has raised questions of the process used in Maruleng municipality and other asking why advertise while you already have the person you want to appoint.

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