September 28, 2021

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Christmas decorations at Mahlakung mall


Christmas decorations are up in most of the mall and likely to feature a traditional Father Christmas and fake snow over Christmas tree. With city of Cape Town celebrating the light of Christmas lights today which is a yearly celebration.

Back home people are very disappointed at what they see as Christmas decorations in Mahlakung mall. When the mall celebrated its first year Christmas most people said maybe is because the mall is new and they still need more experience in the decorations industry. But the second year celebration is here and the decorations still need more improvement.

The question that residents of Gasekororo are asking is who is contracted to do the Christmas decorations because if the contractor is failing the mall should appoint people who will do a good job. Most children around the village dream of seeing Father Christmas but looks like the parents will have to take them to big mall to see all Christmas decorations.

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