July 5, 2022

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Young communists League conference

Young communists League conference

The youth communist league 28 November 2920 held a successful conference,the ycl from different district attended the conference in their numbers ,the conference was filled with young bright and energetic faces . A political report was presented by the ycl leader comrade Piet mokgoloboto and heavy discussions were made regarding the report , and different views were presented by the ycl comrade.

Mr .E sekgobela presented a political lecture that left the ycl comrades on the edge of their seat ,he shared his political wisdom with the youth and he gave them a massage of hope and support on their rising youth communist movement he further touched on the Gender based violence and he strongly condemned it and he firmly suggested that it should be eradicated .

one ycl member commented and said that the conference was a success ,as he learned alot from the different guest speakers and further said he enjoyed being part of that conference on that particular day. The ycl and it’s a fast growing movement here in Limpopo province,it is a movement believed to be the future of the youth in Southern Africa

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