September 17, 2021

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16 Days against women and children abusive in Tzaneen

16 Days against women and children abusive in Tzaneen

Tzaneen saps under the leadership of Capt Mogoboya, social crime coordinators Sgt Ndlovu, Sgt Masete, Ycop members and communications officer Sgt Nkhwashu MM conducted the campaign at Tzaneen Spar and Boxer flea market where they interacted with the general public.

The campaign kicked off with the distribution of Pamphlets and a lot of one on one engagement with members of public mostly men who wanted to speak to the police in private in fear of being labeled as weak. It was established that a lot of men suffer in silence and they were encouraged to speak up. Their concerns were heard and they were given advice and numbers to call.

The general public was adviced to report any form of violence anonymously so in fear of victimisation.
The station contact numbers and those of the station were distributed to the public. The public was sensitized about the cooperation between VEP centre’s, social workers, dept of health, social development and the NPA.

The public was encouraged to teach a boy child at an early age to be able to protect a girl child, to respect the opposite gender including the mother, sister and grandmother.
The campaign closed with a plenary session of a similar campaign at Tzaneen clinic to be held next week.

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