September 28, 2021

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A woman killed and other robbed at hiking spot

A woman killed and other robbed at hiking spot

Tzaneen SAPS are invistigation a case of whitchcraft in Jakoni village. It’s alleged that a 69 year old man called his nephew on Friday morning at around 2:00 am informing him that people want to use his body as a sacrifice.


The nephew acted promptly and called the family relative around the area to go check what was happening with the old man. On their arrival in the deceased place they woke the 69 years old son and asked where his father was. The son told them that his dad was watching TV. To their suprised the 69 years old nan was nowhere to be found in the TV room.


When end family started searching around the house they found his lifeless body hanging with a rope around his neck under the mango tree with his one leg and one arm on aluminum step ladder at 4am.


Paramedics and and polce were called to the scene where he was declared dead. Tzaneen police opened up the inquest case for further investigation.

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