September 19, 2021

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Limpopo Premier launch 16 day of GBV

Limpopo Premier launch 16 day of GBV


The Limpopo premier Mr Stanley Mathabathe had a virtual address on the 16 Days of Activism of no Violence against Women and Children.

In his address he said the fight against the abuse of women and children is a fight of our time and it is a fight we cannot afford to lose. Our fight against the abuse of women and children coincides with yet another important fight, which is the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

A research has confirmed that women are the hardest hit by the devastating consequences of Covid-19 pandemic. Because number of women-dominated industries such as the beauty and cosmetic industry, the tourism sector, textile and manufacturing, the informal trade and many others have been the most affected. Without a source of income, women become even more vulnerable to abusive tendencies in their own households.

Therefore it’s the responsibility of everyone in Limpopo Province to speak in one voice and say ‘no to any form of abuse against women and children’.

Everybody should raise his or her voice and say count me in the struggle against:

• Physical violence against women;
• Economic abuse of women;
• Psychological abuse of women;
• The bullying behavior of children at school, and
• All forms of abuses against women and children.

To defeat this pandemic, we will require the same energy, awareness campaigns, solidarity and investment of resources as we did with the fight against Covid-19 pandemic. It is for this reason that our campaign against women abuse is also a campaign against child abuse. The truth is that those who abuse women and children are cowards.

This is the time to say NOT IN MY NAME.
Indeed real men don’t abuse.
Real men protect, love and care.
I am optimistic that working together we will win this war against gender based violence. It is in our hands and we shall over-come.

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