September 27, 2021

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Maphuta Malatji Hospital making headlines for all wrong reason

The family from Namakgale zone 1 laid complain about the poor service and patient treatment at Maphuta Malatji Hospital. According to the granddaughter the family took their grandmother to the Doctor because she had difficulty in breathing and the Doctor referred them to Mamputa hospital. When the grandmother was admitted, the daughter  who is also working at the hospital went to check on her mother and found that the nurses were not bathing her. When she tried to bath her she was told not to do it the nurses will do it. The next visit she found her mother swollen on the head and nurses didn’t even inform them. When the granddaughter was called to collect her grandmother because she was discharged, she found the grandmother dirty and the worms coming out of her mouth. It’s alleged that the nurse who were helping them told them it’s just few worms and they must not remove the mask on her face.


The granddaughter continue explaining the trauma that the family went through because when they arrived home and bathed their grandmother her gums was swollen with big worms coming out of her mouth and had bruises on her body.  The family tried to bush her teeth but more worms kept on coming until they consulted again and was assisted by new Doctor who was also suprised by the situation. The grandmother was admitted again at Maphuta Hospital

Limpopo department of health responded by saying the videos was an old story circulating and assured the public that the matter is being attended to and is being addressed. In their statement they said 84 year old female patient was admitted with a history of Cerebral Vascular Accident(CVA) on the 30th September as a referral from a clinic and the patient was not ambulatory and bedridden due to her condition, couldn’t feed, bath, walk or talk and NG tube was inserted for feeding purposes. A urinary catheter was also inserted during admission.

The department said a mask was given to the patients because of her condition to avoid flies accessing her mouth. According to Limpopo Health Department when the patient was discharged, the granddaughter called the MEC directly and raised serious concerns of them as a family observing maggots from the patient’s oral cavity. The MEC intervened immediately, the patient was admitted and seen by the multidisciplinary team including the Dentist who excluded any oral cavity lesions. It was then concluded clinically that the patient had maggots infested oral cavity due to poor oral hygiene.A team from the district was immediately dispatched to conduct investigations.

“Action is being taken based on the preliminary report by the hospital management while investigations are continuing. The patient is currently stable and receiving care. The patient’s daughter who is also an employee of Maphuta Malatjie hospital has 24 hour access to the patient . The granddaughter who is the main complainant has been granted access to the patient. The family was provided debriefing and counseling through our departmental clinical psychologist and these psychotherapy services are continuing at no costs to the family.” Said MEC Dr Ramathuba


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