September 28, 2021

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Ginimbi bought his casket seven days before the accident

Ginimbi bought his casket seven days before the accident

on the 08 November 2020 Ginimbi and Moana died in a car accident after celebrating Moana 26th birthday. According to the investigation Ginimbi was traveling at a high speed when his Rolls Royce hit a blue Honda on Borrowdale Road before it crushed into some trees and burst into flames.  Ginimbi was pulled out of the car but he died moments later, the other three occupants including Moana were burned beyond recognition as they were trapped inside the burning car.


Gunimbi was a popular Zimbabwean businessman and a founder of gas company, poineer gasses and Dreams Night Club. Moana was known as the fitness coach, model and brands influencer. The other two passengers were named as Limumba Karim from Malawi who was wanted for in connection with fraud and the other lady was Elisha from Mozambique.


A casket was  found in one o the late Ginimbi room which shows that it was bought a week before he died. It’s alleged that Ginimbi father is not saddened by the passing of his son, some rumors say that he is actually happy. Ginimbi plush Domboshava mansion will be turned into a hotel as his wish. A video of Moana morning sometime has been shared on social media were people say she saw her last days as if she knew she was dying. Moana is living behind her daughter Tyra.

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