September 28, 2021

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Poor service at BENFARM Clinic

Poor service at BENFARM Clinic

Patients at the Benfarm Clinic in Namakgale in the Mopani Destrict are complaining about the services they are receiving from the Health workers. The Sources told Sekororo news that the nurses at the clinic don’t want to help patients after 13:30 resulting in people returned without getting their medication.

‘€œWe have been waiting at the clinic since 11:00, but the nurse just looks at us without offering to help,’€ said Patient who was at the clinic to collect medication. ‘€œIt is now 14:30 and we still haven’€™t been helped.’€

The patients arrive at the close nice and wait to be assisted and they were told to wait outside without any explanation. When our source arrived at the clinic and saw people waiting without being assisted then he approached the BP ward to ask for help. The sister told him without a file , they are wont assist him because they have already closed and they were supposed to get the file before 13:30

Some patients complained abou the staff not being friendly to patients, especially in the family planning and ARV departments and the attitudes make people not want to come to the clinic.

The matter was referred to Limpopo Department of Health MEC Dr Ramathuba and she assured us that she will look into the matter.

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