September 19, 2021

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SASSA Social Relief Grants

SASSA Social Relief Grants

As they say the apple don’t fall far from the tree. The corruption at Maruleng start from the municipality to the workers who suppose to deliver services to people. SASSA office in Maruleng is used by almost all the villagers around Gasekororo for their grant collection and new registration. With Covid-19 social relief grant added as part of SASSA, the offices receive most people to assist.

It’s alleged that the ANC members who works at SASSA office in Maruleng are selling queue position for R50. In May 2020 at Malamulele a group of elderly people slept at the office just to be the first to receive their grant. People in the bill wakeup as early as 4am to be first the queue but they get shocked that when they get there they are hundreds people before them who just found them waiting for the offices to open.

With the little money that people receive they have to pay R50 just to be assisted. The investigation into the allegations in continuing and people with any information can contact crime stop hotline 10111 or report it to their nearest police station.

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