July 5, 2022

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Sperm found in a Coca Cola

Sperm found in a Coca Cola

The Conty Lebepe Foundation is calling today all South African Stores and Spaza Shops across the country and SADEC Region to remove all Coke products with batch Number: 05Jun21B0522:25 from the shelves.

As the Foundation that aims to improve the quality of life for all, more especially the unemployed, youth, children and marginalised rural communities in South Africa, we are making this call in after we were approached by a certain family in Limpopo Province that they bought 2 litre Coke in which they found “sperms” inside. The company was notified but the issue is not resolved as yet since the case was reported on the 12th of October 2020.

On the same mentioned date, production manager at the Coca-Cola company took a sample of that Coke from the family with intention of running some laboratory test but failed to update or even contact them about test results.

As the entity of the community, we have taken the Coke sample to the laboratory of our choice for the identification of this sperm-like-liquid. It is then that we can really know whether it is harmful or not. In the meantime, we call upon the Company to remove Coke drinks with the above mentioned batch number from the shelves for health reasons.

Our Health Care Centres are full of patients with sicknesses that even the doctors and specialists cannot identify. Therefore, we assume that, strange things we consume daily in our food and drinks might be the cause.

We are also calling for the residents to remain vigilant and stop buying any Coke drink with this batch number till we get “our” Laboratory Test Results.


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