September 17, 2021

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Pastor Lesego Daniel of Rebboni Ministry

Pastor Lesego Daniel of Rebboni Ministry

Pastor Lesego Daniel the founder of Rebboni Ministry is at it again. Pastor Lesego is known as the grass, patrol, etc pastor. He first made his headlines in 2015 when he feed his church members with grass then petrol. He then appeared again for feeding his church members with mashogololo with sparkling wine and claimed it was alcohol free.


Now the pastor is back again showing his church members how heaven looks like. He explain heaven as a bed with fruits lying next to bed and the bed headboards with resting place.


Pastor Lesogo said he started doing miracle when he was young in 2002 and believe that he is doing everything to please God. His wish is for other pastors and prophet to work with him in doing the Lord’s work.

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