May 28, 2022

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Mahlakung mall


It is recorded that third of employees in South Africa quit their job B because of their bosses. People spend most of their time at work, and people need to have healthy relationship to be able to be productive at work.


While people want to be able to turn to their managers for help, guidance, career growth and motivation, it turns out that many South Africans have unhealthy relationships with their bosses, which is having a detrimental effect on work morale and productivity, as well as employees’ personal lives.


The has been allegations that Managers at Shoprite and Jet branch in Mahlakung are treating their employees unfairly and threatening them. The employees are working under pressure because they are told they will be fire.

The employees also alleged that the Jet manager has being conducting assessment in his office for position that the employees don’t know about or consulted.





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