May 28, 2022

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Man appreciates his community for rescuing him

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Man appreciates his community for rescuing him

Man appreciates his community for rescuing him

Neil Shikwambana who works at the office of MEC Health Dr Ramathuba wrote appreciation note to community of Julesburg. On the evening of 11 September 2020, he was hijacked and abducted at Burgersdorp where his younger brother and two of his friends witnessed the whole incident and quickly called for help.

The suspects throw Neil into the boot of his own car and took him to the bush about 15km from his place.Community members from Julesburg came out in search of Neil and his car. The community kept on calling Neil number non stop to check if he was fine and in the process distracting the suspects from locating the tracking device.

“An hour and a half in the hands of people whom I did not know of their ultimate intention and plan felt like a lifetime in hell. Will they shoot Me? Will they burn the car while I’m locked in this boot? Will they lock the car and leave me to suffocate inside here? Suddenly Psalm 46:1 made sense and through it all I silently prayed, “Yehovha I khokholo ni matimba ya hina, hi yena xichavelo xa ku pona.” Said Neil

Neil was recovered together with his car by a local farm neighbourhood watch through the help of the police, friends, family and colleagues.

Neil said for now, he is grateful to be alive with no single scratch except the emotional and psychological ones . Grateful to see the smile on his wife’s face and watch his kids run around.

He thanked the community of Julesburg, Burgersdorp, Maake SAPS, Mr Smith of the Ofcolaco Farms Neighbourhood Watch, family, friends and his colleagues in the department of health.

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